How to Improve and Quantify Improvement in Application Security
The success of an application security program can be defined in one overarching metric: an absence of bad events such as breaches or ransomware. The process starts when an application is coded, hopefully with security in mind. But the real challenge comes in production, where not only the application itself but the defences built around it, are put to the test.

Web application firewalls are components of that defence, but it can be tricky to tune them perfectly. With attackers trying new exploits and malicious code to reach an application, the environment is diversifying and becoming increasingly complex for practitioners to defend.
Applications are running on a mix of cloud services, on-prem software, appliances, containers, and serverless infrastructure. All of it must be protected.

How do we approach these challenges, and how can we define improvements in application security that make sense to the board and encourage investments in security?

If you’re looking for advice on these topics, then join ISMG’s Jeremy Kirk for an exclusive roundtable discussion on How to Improve and Quantify Improvement in Application Security. This invitation-only roundtable will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering
thoughts on their experiences.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Defining the success of an application security improvement program
  • Identifying the sources of risk and attack trends
  • Exploring the role of defensive technologies such as web application firewalls
  • How to effectively communicate improvements to the board
  • Using data to predict where security investments will need to be made

Joining Jeremy to provide expert insight will be Stephen Gillies, Technology Evangelist with Fastly. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the topic with a handful of senior executives and market leaders in an informal, closed-door setting from which you will emerge with new
strategies and solutions you can immediately put to work.
Jeremy Kirk
Jeremy Kirk
Executive Editor

Stephen  Gillies
Stephen Gillies
Technology Evangelist, APAC

Watch a brief video on the topic.
May 25, 2022 | 04:30 - 07:00 pm AEST | Shangri-La Sydney | 176 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
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May 25, 2022 | 04:30 - 07:00 pm AEST

How to Improve and Quantify Improvement in Application Security