Zero Trust for the Midsized Enterprise: 'What's Possible?'
It's been three years now since zero trust exploded from being just an RSA Conference buzz phrase to becoming the framework of choice for extended enterprises globally. Zero trust is a strategic topic for security leaders, investors and vendors alike, and President Biden even made the framework a cornerstone of his 2021 cybersecurity executive order.

But what does zero trust mean to the midsized enterprise? Where does one begin to embrace the framework, what does the roadmap look like, and what are some of the potential speedbumps along the way?

Join our roundtable discussion to learn more about zero trust for the midmarket and "what's possible".

Discussion Points will include:
Where to start the journey
Obstacles along the way
Lessons learned from midmarket pioneers

Join Michael Kaunitz, Sr. SASE Specialist for event sponsor Cloudflare, to gain his unique insight on zero trust in the midmarket and come away with strategies you can implement today to improve your organization's ability to embrace the framework.
Tom  Field
Tom Field
SVP of Editorial

Michael  Kaunitz
Michael Kaunitz
Sr. SASE Specialist

Watch a brief video on the topic.
February 7, 2023 | 04:00 - 05:30 pm EST
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February 7, 2023

Zero Trust for the Midsized Enterprise: 'What's Possible?'