Pacific Northwest Summit
Virtual Summit July 12 - 13, 2022
This hybrid summit's agenda will cover Zero Trust, IAM, Ransomware, Privacy, Fraud, Payments, IoT, Cryptocurrency, End Point Protection, Cloud Security and more.
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Amit Mehta
Cybersecurity Advisory Lead, Middle East & Africa
Mehta is CISO and cybrsecurity advisor at Mastercard Data and Services in Middle East and Africa. He works with financial institutions, governments and regulators to help them strengthen their cyber security posture. In his previous role he was the regional...
Finlay Clive
Chief Technology Officer, APJ & EMEA
Symantec Enterprise Division, Broadcom
Finlay is the chief technology officer and head of Symantec network & information security solution engineering for the EMEA & APJ regions at Broadcom. In this role, Finlay is responsible for being the technology advocate for EMEA and APJ strategic...
Troels Oerting
Chairman of the Board
Bull Wall (former Head of Global Centre of Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum)
Oerting is presently the first head and Chair of the Global Centre for Cybersecurity established by World Economic Forum in 2018 to mitigate the global challenges to security, privacy and integrity imposed by the Digital Transformation. He has been working...
John Marsden
Head of Fraud Prevention and Authentication - EMEA
For over 20 years John has been at the leading edge of e-commerce, helping clients to navigate the risks and customer experience challenges involved in safely transacting with customers in the digital channels. From the early days, specialising in Merchant...
Kevin Jones
Group CISO
Jones is responsible for the digital security program, including risk management, enterprise security architecture, red team, detection and response, and cybersecurity research innovation, across IT, ICS, people and product security domains. He has extensive experience in both offensive and defensive...
Patrick Grillo
Senior Director, Security Strategy
As Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Patrick is responsible for creating and evangelizing key messages about Fortinet's network security solutions. Through his in-depth understanding of the complexities of network security, Patrick is able to cut through the half-truths and myths surrounding...
Gwyndaf Davies
BigFix Technical Adviser Lead for EMEA
HCL Software
Davies leads a team of HCL BigFix technical advisers across EMEA, helping organizations from all types of industries to manage and secure all types of servers and endpoints.
Lee Harris
MSSP & Cloud Pak for Security Sales Leader
Lee Harris served eight years in the British Army before embarking on a career in IT Sales. With 26 years sales experience across IT, he has spent the last 15 years in Cyber Security. Joining IBM 6 years ago specialising...
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Spotlight Session: Cybersecurity’s Changing World: A Conversation with Troels Oerting
Troels Oerting, Chairman of the Board, Bull Wall (former Head of Global Centre of Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum)

Supply chain risk. Multi-cloud environments. ‘Work from Anywhere.’ It’s a challenging time for CISOs, and none knows it better than veteran cybersecurity leader Troels Oerting, former head of Global Centre of Cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum. In this exclusive session, Oerting offers his unique perspective on topics including:

  • Today’s most dangerous threats
  • The broad impact of the Solar Winds attack and how to respond
  • How to adjust security to protect the ‘Work from Anywhere’ world
Troels Oerting
  • 09:00 AM
  • 09:29 AM
Supplying “Consistent Security” for Every Workspace
Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Strategy, Fortinet

In 2021, the challenge isn’t just about securing the remote workforce. It’s about securing any workforce, whether it’s in a home office, a traditional branch office, a software-defined branch or a combination of all three.

Join this panel of practitioners and security experts as they explore:

  • How do you supply “consistent security” for every workspace?
  • What is the new role of SD-WAN? The emergence of SASE?
  • What are the merits of consolidating multiple cybersecurity vendors to a single platform solutions provider?
Patrick Grillo
  • 09:30 AM
  • 09:59 AM
2021 and Beyond: A Platform Approach to Zero Trust
Finlay Clive, Chief Technology Officer, APJ & EMEA, Symantec Enterprise Division, Broadcom

Throughout 2020 organizations widely adopted a zero trust architecture in response to the pandemic and it is now fast replacing traditional VPN approaches.  As the zero trust approach continues to evolve, the challenge for organizations in 2021 and beyond lies in how to implement this approach across environments, both in the cloud and on-premise.

In this session, Clive Finlay, Chief Technology Officer, Symantec Enterprise Division, will discuss:

  • The evolution of  zero trust in a pandemic world
  • The next chapter in the zero trust framework and new technologies to consider
  • How to overcome implementation challenges and the benefits of a platform approach
Finlay Clive
  • 10:00 AM
  • 10:29 AM
Digital Trust: We're Prepared, Are You?
John Marsden, Head of Fraud Prevention and Authentication - EMEA, TransUnion
John Marsden
  • 10:30 AM
  • 10:59 AM
Defending the New, Borderless Enterprise
Gwyndaf Davies, BigFix Technical Adviser Lead for EMEA, HCL Software

The ‘borderless enterprise’ is one that is symbolized by the rapid move to remote work, high adoption of cloud-based services and applications, and the great number of dispersed mobile, IOT and other devices. Security has become inherently more complex, simultaneously increasing the challenges for security professionals and opportunities for criminals.  So how can you keep your critical assets and data secure in this new world?

  • Join this panel of practitioners and security experts as they explore:
  • The supply chain: What’s key to managing your third parties and navigating the complexity of contracts and relationships?
  • Patching and standards: How can you keep up to date with device compliance and cybersecurity standards? 
  • BYOD: How can you balance policies vs. employee experience?
Gwyndaf Davies
  • 11:00 AM
  • 11:29 AM
Black Box Thinking: Adopting a Human Centric Approach to Cybersecurity
Kevin Jones, Group CISO, Airbus

n this fireside chat, Dr Kevin Jones, Group CISO, Airbus, explains why the age-old expression, “Humans are the weakest link”, is a myth that must be broken. Instead, we need to adopt human centric approaches to cybersecurity that make humans the last line of defense. 

In this session, Jones will discuss:

  • How to create a human centric cybersecurity program that makes humans the last line of defense
  • What capabilities and priorities are needed to create and weave a culture of security into your organization 
  • How threat intelligence fits into a mature security practice and how to use it effectively
Kevin Jones
  • 11:30 AM
  • 11:59 AM
IBM Cloud Pak for Security: Connected Security Built for a Hybrid, Multi-cloud World
Lee Harris, MSSP & Cloud Pak for Security Sales Leader, IBM EMEA

Join this session to learn about IBM Cloud Pak for Security, an open platform that helps you uncover hidden threats, make more informed risk-based decisions and prioritise your team's time. With IBM Cloud Pak for Security you can: 

  • Gain Security insights: connect to your existing data sources to generate deeper insights; securely access IBM and third-party tools to search for threats across any cloud or on-premises location.
  • Respond faster to threats: quickly orchestrate actions and responses to those threats - all while leaving your data where it is. 
  • Run it anywhere: Install and run the platform in any environment
Lee Harris
  • 12:00 PM
  • 12:29 PM
Prioritizing Cyber Investments Using a Risk Quantification Approach
Amit Mehta, Cybersecurity Advisory Lead, Middle East & Africa, Mastercard

Cyber-attacks, data breaches, and regulatory fines have become commonplace. Despite growing investment in security, many organizations still struggle to manage cyber risks. An average company deploys 47 security tools and still gets breached. Technology alone is not the answer to this problem. Cybersecurity is much more complex and needs expert focus, careful thinking, and senior management commitment. Organizations must take a holistic approach to cyber risk management and make decisions based on the potential business impact.

The session will discuss:

  • Overview of the regional cyber threat landscape
  • A holistic approach to cyber risk management
  • Why we need to quantify cyber risks to make a good investment decision
Amit  Mehta
  • 01:00 PM
  • 01:29 PM
Building the Culture of DevSecOps

DevOps is a cultural movement that was started in order to remove silos and enhance how teams collaborate and the role people, process and tech plays in this space. But now we are in the era of DevSecOps, which inserts cybersecurity smack in the middle of this culture - and natural tensions emerge. In this exclusive session, a veteran CISO walks through this culture of DevSecOps, with focus on specific topics such as:

  • How DevSecOps can be effective at truly "Building in Security from the start"
  • The culture of collaboration and how it is at the core of the DevSecOps movement
  • Key security challenges and how they can be met by adopting DevSecOps
  • 01:30 PM
  • 01:59 PM

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July 12 - 13, 2022

Pacific Northwest Summit