Accelerating Healthcare Delivery and Innovation Leveraging Collaboration platform

29th November 2023 | Jio World Center | 6pm onwards

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Communication and collaboration are the cornerstone of seamless care delivery across the spectrum of healthcare services, improving patient experience, accelerating innovation, and optimizing workflows.

Use of technology for collaboration  enables hospitals to provide improved patient care as well as make healthcare experiences more personalized and accessible  anytime, anywhere. Cross-functional and ecosystem collaboration helps pharmaceutical companies drive innovation in areas of R&D, clinical trials, and patient engagements.

A secure, scalable and compliant unified communications (UC) platform that integrates video, voice, messaging and collaborative spaces helps meet the dynamic needs of today’s healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

When embedded with electronic health records (EHR) and medical equipment systems, the unified platform can align with organizational procedures, facilitating ease of adoption across teams of varied sizes.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Role of collaboration technology in advancing healthcare and pharmaceutical companies;
  • Continuity of care through seamless communication and collaboration;
  • Audio and video advancements helping extend patient care beyond traditional clinical settings;
  • Use cases demonstrating transformative potential;
  • streamlining workflows with UC-EHR integration;
  • Ensuring data security and regulatory compliance, including HIPAA.


Mehar Ullipalem

Manager-Solutions Engineering- India, Zoom

Sameer Raje

General Manager & Head - India & SAARC, Zoom

Shipra Malhotra

Managing Editor,


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