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Cloud Security by Design: The Cloud Service Provider Edge

July 12, 2023 | 6:30pm Onwards | Jio World Center, BKC

Most enterprises today understand the various benefits of the cloud, and are gearing up to embrace it. However, perceived lack of visibility and complications often deter enterprises to leverage the cloud to its full capacity. While cloud providers offer a secure-by-design, secure-by-default infrastructure foundation, enterprises must augment this by configuring layers of security controls. 

Microservices, identity verification and access management are among the many security layers enterprises must look into. However, with budget constraints being a reality, how can enterprises look to do more with less?

Discussion points:

  • The current perception of cloud security;
  •  How to drive better ROI on the cloud;
  • Areas of collaboration with your vendor partner;
  • Comparing Built-in vs Bolt-on approaches;


Sandeep Agarwal

Security Specialist, Google Cloud

Shipra Malhotra

Managing Editor, ISMG

Dilip Panjwani

Global Head - Cybersecurity Practice and CoE at LTIMindtree

Vaibhav Sonawane

SVP & Head - Emerging Tech & Cloud Security

Mihirr Thaker

CISO. Allcargo Logistics