Cyber Resilience: Strategies to Secure the Last Line of Defense

September 29, 2023 | JW Marriott, Pune | 5:30 pm Onwards

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In the dynamically evolving threat landscape, resilience emerges as a critical element to transform cybersecurity posture. While no protection is fool proof, organizations can still prepare to recover quickly and minimize the impact of lethal cyberattacks. Besides meticulous planning and a strategic view, resilient posture comes from integrated technologies that manage detection, protection, response, and recovery across the ecosystem.

Further, the drive to Edge, increasing use of AI, and emergence of Quantum Computing all demand a strong cyber resilience. Besides other safeguards to fortified cybersecurity framework, it is vital to look at innovations in devices and integrated technologies to mitigate the cyber risks.

ISMG, in association with Microsoft, invites you for an exclusive session on “Cyber Resilience: Strategies to Secure the Last Line of Defense

The session will delve into challenges and solutions that will help you fortify your extended digital perimeter. A set of seasoned thought leaders and industry experts will share their insights, expounding on how innovations can augment the robustness of security protocols and increase cyber resilience.

Join us for an in-depth session to explore:

  • Currents cybersecurity trends and challenges in device security
  • Prepare for successful cyberattacks with resilience
  • Minimizing impact and recovering swiftly with integrated approach
  • Zero Trust at the center of security strategy
  • Holistic solutions for achieving greater cyber resiliency

This is an exclusive invitation to unravel the latest paradigms, strategies, and technologies that are reshaping the security landscape.


Captain (Retd.) Felix Mohan

CEO, CISOCybersecurity

Rahul Neel Mani

VP, Community Engagement and Editorial, ISMG Founding Director, Grey Head Media, ISMG

Vivekanand Manjeri

Brand Director, Client Solutions Business, Dell, India