Securing today’s distributed and hybrid workforce is challenging the traditional cybersecurity paradigms. The complexity around piecing together a patchwork of fragmented tools and point solutions opens the door to vulnerabilities, risks and inefficiencies. 

A data-first cloud platform for security service edge, SSE, upends the traditional security models built on complexity, replacing them with a single ‘easy button’ that combines access control, data security, threat protection and security monitoring. 

The shift toward integrated security with a unified set of controls provides comprehensive protection for your distributed workforce and the information they access across the web, cloud and private applications. 

Let’s exchange thoughts and spark conversations around the transformative potential of the SSE and the adoption of this new security paradigm. 

Discussion topics will include:

  • Enabling and operationalizing the transition to a data-first cloud-delivered integrated security platform.
  • Optimizing the three layers of SSE – secure web gateway, cloud access security broker and zero trust network access. 
  • Augmenting threat protection capabilities with remote browser isolation and content disarm and reconstruction.


Myles Bray

Chief Revenue Officer and Vice President Global Sales, Forcepoint

Aman Thareja

Managing Director India, Forcepoint

Shipra Malhotra

Managing Editor, ISMG