Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Financial Services and Generative AI: Opportunities and Challenges

6:30 pm – 9:30 pm IST | Jio Convention Centre, BKC

Event Overview

Generative AI adoption has varied across industries, with different sectors serving as innovation hubs in their approaches. The financial services sector faces unique challenges in leveraging generative AI to drive operational efficiency and enhance security, fueling broader IT transformation. The majority of financial services organizations are implementing or planning generative AI integration, according to some research reports. Many expect this technology to have a profound impact on the value chain, enhancing efficiency, responsiveness and business growth – thus, facilitating a digital transformation journey with generative AI.

IT leaders from the financial sector are intrigued by the potential of generative AI to drive innovation across various functions. But, they are also apprehensive of the uncertainties and limitations associated with the technology, which could deter their growth. As an IT leader, do you understand generative and its implication to Financial Services? Do you know how to get started? Are you aware of challenges w.r.t implementing Generative AI? Do you know whether your organization is ready for Generative AI and if not what steps to take to be ready for it? Do you know how to convince your board or top management for investing in Generative AI?

Most importantly, do are you convinced about the potential of Generative AI and the opportunities it presents to your organization?

Are you able to completely harness generative AI’s potential to benefit your business? Are you able to comply with the regulatory demands related to the use of generative AI? Do you believe that organizations need better preparation to adapt to AI transformation or do they already possess the appropriate and diverse skills needed to develop the algorithms?

To gain actionable insights on the common hurdles encountered during generative AI adoption, from ethical dilemmas and regulatory challenges to technical obstacles and workforce implications, join us for an exclusive Executive Roundtable with Minfy and AWS on 30th of May at Jio world convention centre, BKC, Mumbai.

Discussion Points:

  • What is Generative AI and why is it (if) a game changer?
  • Is it another Hype that will fizzle away?
  • Should you wait and watch or should you get started with Generative AI now?
  • How do you get started with Generative AI? What are the low, medium and high hanging fruits for the financial sector?
  • What are the risks and how do you mitigate them?
  • Rebuilding your digital transformation strategy using generative AI and other digital technologies;
  • Understanding the potential risks of generative AI in the financial services sector.

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Geetha Nandikotkur 

VP & Conference Chair – Asia, Middle East, & Africa, APAC Editorial,


Ekhlaque Bari

Enterprise Strategist

Minfy Technologies

Kiran Jagannath

Head of Financial Services – India and South Asia

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Join your peers and thought-leaders Ekhlaque Bari from Minfy and Kiran Jagannath from AWS along with Geetha Nandikotkur to discuss Harnessing AI in Manufacturing: From Hype to Reality.

This  session will be:

  • Chatham house rules
  • Peer driven
  • Pitch free


Jio World Convention Centre, BKC

Jio World Centre, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers key infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services, now known as cloud computing. Businesses can take advantage of Amazon’s expertise and economies of scale to access resources when their business needs them, delivering results faster and at a lower cost. With data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Australia and Japan, AWS provides a reliable, scalable and low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers thousands of businesses around the world.

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