Wednesday, AUGUST 7th, 2024

5:30pm – 8:00pm PT | Las Vegas, NV

Event Overview

Organizations need to upgrade their defenses now to tackle an entirely new paradigm for cybersecurity in which GenAI is used by attackers, defenders and users.

In this new world, attackers scale offensive tactics using AI-powered automation, while vendors deploy AI to improve and optimize defense. Meanwhile, users implement commercial GenAI tools in their everyday work, inadvertently exposing data to unauthorized third parties and creating compliance risks.

So what’s a higher priority – protecting from the challenges of AI, or leveraging AI to make your team more productive? It’s not an either/or situation – you need to be doing both: taking a proactive approach to blocking attackers AND utilizing the opportunity to increase automation of your defenses with GenAI, while putting appropriate guardrails in place to enable secure onboarding and usage of GenAI.

Attend this roundtable event on the cybersecurity challenges and solutions around GenAI implementation and usage.


  • Share best practice approaches that your peers use to identify and tackle GenAI Threats.

  • Gain greater visibility and awareness of your GenAI threat landscape.

  • Leverage tools to see how users consume AI – and block potentially damaging usage.

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Tom Field

SVP Editorial


Or Eshed

CEO & Co-Founder



Billy Hoffman




Guided by Tom Field this invitation-only roundtable will harness the collective experiences of participants. Together, we will discover how you can better protect your organization, your people and your future.

This session will be:

  • Chatham house rules
  • Peer driven
  • Pitch free

Subject matter expert

Marc Gaffan



Marc is CEO of IONIX a startup that is redefining Attack Surface Management. Prior to this, Marc was CEO of Hysolate, a company that is changing how we manage and secure our endpoints by splitting our laptops into multiple, virtually air-gapped virtual machines. Prior to that, Marc was Co-Founder and Later CEO of Incapsula, a global cloud application delivery service that protects and accelerates websites, SaaS platforms and other digital infrastructure. Marc Co-founded Incapsula in 2009 and after its acquisition by Imperva, led the Incapsula business to $100 million in run rate, protecting millions of websites worldwide and many of the world’s largest enterprises and Telcos.

Prior to founding Incapsula, Gaffan was director of Product Marketing at RSA, EMC’s security division, where he was responsible for strategy and go to market activities of a $500M IT Security product portfolio.

Prior to RSA, Marc was responsible for Product management for Cyota, a cyber security and payment authentication cloud company, protecting over 100 million online users, acquired by RSA Security for $145M

Gaffan started his career as a developer and product manager focusing on internet applications, wireless network optimization and application security. He is a thought leader on application security and distributed denial of service (DDoS) and has appeared before the US Congress, FDIC and Federal Trade Commission on cyber security and identity theft topics.

He holds an MBA and a B.Sc in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.

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Las Vegas, NV

Emmitt’s – 3200 S. Las Vegas Blvd, #1240, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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The browser is the main enterprise workspace. It’s where most of your employees spend the majority of their time. LayerX monitors and governs all browsing activity, providing the highest level of security to enterprise data and resources. We created LayerX so enterprises can regain control over their resources while still leveraging all the production potential the web offers.


IONIX was founded on a unique insight into the nature of cybersecurity risk. The idea is simple, but powerful. While organizations focus only on assets they own – the reality is that ownership is irrelevant to threat actors. They seek a vulnerability that provides an attack vector into your environment, whether it’s attacking your internet-facing asset directly, or exploiting your exposed digital supply chain connection.

Today 20% of exploitable attack surface risks originate in the digital supply chain. As enterprises become increasingly reliant on third party web services, vendors, and platforms – their digital supply chain grows, and so does their risk.

Rules of Engagement

By taking part in this discussion you agree that:

  • These events follow Chatham House Rule. Nothing shared will be recorded or distributed anywhere online.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation, we ask you to let us know 48 hours prior to the event commencing so we can open your seat up to someone else.
  • These are interactive discussions, so we ask that all attendees participate in the discussion. If this is a virtual event, we ask all attendees to join via video.

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