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March 13, 2024

CIO Business Transformation
Awards and Summit

New Delhi, India

Event Overview

Brought to you by, an ISMG initiative, the CIO Business Transformation Awards and Summit celebrates innovation in business transformation. Modern CIOs have evolved beyond mere technology facilitators; they now drive business growth and shape new models. This one-day awards program and summit will bring together thought leaders who will share real-world experiences on driving digitally enabled innovation in supply chain, manufacturing, customer experience and employee productivity. The theme “Business Transformation 2.0: CIO as a Catalyst of Change” will explore how CIOs have become agents of change, using technology and innovation to drive business forward. The summit will also emphasize the pivotal role of CIOs in shaping strategy, nurturing innovation and navigating digital transformation. The day will culminate in a prestigious awards ceremony, judged by an expert panel of Indian and international tech and business luminaries. The award program will felicitate tech leaders’ contributions in driving industry-wide innovation across categories. Join us for this defining moment in Indian technology, showcasing the brilliance of our nation’s C-suite executives.

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Celebrate Excellence

Join us in celebrating the outstanding achievements of CIOs across a wide array of industries, underscoring their pivotal role in ensuring excellence within the realm of technology.

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Connect with technology experts and industry leaders to boost your career and business. 

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Amrita Gangotra

MD - ITyukt Digital Solutions, Independent Board Director, Max Health, Tanla

Datta Junnarkar

CIO, Boeing

Harvey R Koeppel

Lead Director - Education Entrepreneurship Capstone Experience, Penn GSE

Jennifer Goschke

Vice President and Country Leader, 7-Eleven’s Global Solution Center

Nilesh Sathe

Former Member, IRDA; Member Board of Trustees, Mahindra Manulife Mutual Fund

Nithya Viswanathan

Business Information Security Officer (BISO) for Asia Pacific, Unilever

Pradipt Kapoor

Chief Information Officer, Airtel

Rajesh Uppal

Senior Executive Director (HR & IT), Maruti Suzuki India

Sandeep Sen

Global CIO, Linde PLC.

Sarbjeet Johal

Founder and CEO, Stackpane

Tony Saldanha

Co-Founder, Inixia Inc.

V S Parthasarathy

Vice Chairman, Allcargo Logisitics

Vijay Sethi

Chairman, Mentorkart and Crafsol Technologies


Expert Panel Deciding Excellence With Neutrality

Our impartial and esteemed jury panel consists of subject matter experts with deep knowledge and experience in the technology and business transformation field. They ensure that the awards are assessed objectively, maintaining the highest standards of fairness and credibility. 


Thought Leaders on Stage and Leading Deep Dive Discussions

Our Summit Advisory Committee comprises industry visionaries who guide the conference’s content, ensuring that it remains relevant, cutting-edge, and aligned with the most pressing cybersecurity challenges and opportunities.

Arun Gupta

Board Member, Hemas Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

Dheeraj Sinha

EVP and Group - CIO, JSW

Manish Kishore

Global Head IT, Wockhardt Ltd.

Mohua Sengupta

Managing Director, Mashreq Bank

Nikita Bose

National PMU-RAMP, Ministry of MSME

Prof. Rajnish Dass

Managing Director, CEEI - Catallyst Executive Education Institute

Shailendra Kothavale

Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance

Keynote Speakers

V S Parthasarathy, Independent Director, LIC, SEWA and Cloud9

Parthasarathy is the vice chairman of Allcargo Logistics and holds key positions as an independent director in various prominent organizations, including Cloudnine Group of Hospitals and SEWA Bharat. He previously served as the president, group CFO and group CIO of Mahindra & Mahindra.

Sougat Chatterjee, Executive Director & CEO, Abhay Health

Chatterjee is the co-founder of Abhay Ventures and Abhay Health. He is a mentor at Niti Aayog. He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in organizations such as Apollo Hospitals, Dalmia Lifecare, Piramal Healthcare, Nayati Healthcare, Dabur and Ranbaxy.

Dr. Neena Pahuja

Executive Member, National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET Under MSDE)

Pradeep Kumar Rangi

Chief Risk Officer, Airtel Payments Bank

Nikhil Doegar

Senior Vice President, Tata 1mg

Sharad Kumar Agarwal

CDIO, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.

Suresh M Khadakbhavi

CEO, Digi Yatra Foundation

Nitendra Rajput

SVP & Head - AI Garage, Mastercard

Sougat Chatterjee

Executive Director & CEO, Abhay Health


Thought Leaders Leading Deep-Dive Discussions on Stage

Industry leaders from various sectors in the technology domain share their experience on how the role of chief technology officers (CTOs) has become indispensable across organizations. They discuss unique strategies and techniques applied in businesses, making technology an intrinsic part of their organizational DNA. Additionally, these thought leaders delve into how they have redefined leadership to enhance the organization’s resilience and share their insights on artificial intelligence, sustainability, and the future of internet.

Agenda Highlights

  • Leveraging Technology for Competitive Advantage
  • Actual impact of AI on business growth
  • Need for re-skilling to adopt frontier technologies
  • The alignment of AI innovation with the overall technology vision
  • Adaptable and Resilient Data Strategies


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Vikram Singh

Founder & CEO, Techeagle Innovations

Plenary Session: Driving Growth With Digital Innovation: A CEO’s Perspective

With a core focus on business transformation and the integration of artificial intelligence, CEOs are employing forward-thinking strategies to revolutionize healthcare delivery. The session will delve into the intricacies of strategic integration, particularly in creating a resilient network of on-demand drone delivery services.

The session will cover:

  • The role of digital technologies and AI in reshaping the landscape of healthcare accessibility;
  • The future of healthcare delivery;
  • Embracing a visionary approach to spearhead a transformative journey within the healthcare sector.

Vikram Singh, Founder & CEO, Techeagle Innovations

Sougat Chatterjee

Executive Director & CEO, Abhay Health

Keynote: Technology as a Catalyst to Establish Competitive Advantage and Market Differentiation: A CEO's Perspective

This goes beyond approving budgets, and includes understanding, envisioning and guiding technology deployment in line with business goals. This keynote session will focus on the CEO’s expectations from the CIO for building a digital future, bringing in more efficiency, stakeholder satisfaction and ultimately achieving a good bottom line.

The session will cover:

  • Business IT alignment and effective CEO-CIO coordination;
  • Fostering the culture of innovation and experiments with new technologies;
  • CEO’s strategic role in defining the future of technology adoption.

Sougat Chatterjee, Executive Director & CEO, Abhay Health

Kavita Viswanath

Vice President & General Manager, JFrog, APAC

Shielding Your Ship: Ensuring Security in the Software Supply Chain

As leaders in the technology sector, CIOs and CTOs play a crucial role in securing their organizations. Technology leaders must explore customized strategies for securing the software delivery life cycle to address the challenges specific to their roles.

The session will cover:

  • Aligning security with business goals;
  • The importance of cybersecurity in ensuring the continuity of technological operations;
  • Considerations to fortify the resilience and security of the enterprise technological environment
  • Fostering a collaborative DevSecOps culture.

Kavita Viswanath, Vice President & General Manager, JFrog, APAC

Fireside Chat: Is AI Living Up to Its Hype? Decoding Myths and Realities for AI-Driven Growth

On the other hand, automation introduced by AI could streamline specific tasks, human oversight, creativity and emotional intelligence, eventually leading to the emergence of new AI jobs. While implementation of new AI models is perceived to be expensive and time-consuming, scalable AI solutions can lead to new revenue opportunities over time. Navigating the nuanced landscape of AI requires dispelling myths to embrace its transformative, collaborative potential.

The session will cover:

  • Practical applications and usage of AI/gen AI within enterprises;
  • Building an AI-ready culture;
  • Effective ways to spot areas in a business where AI adds value.

Arun Gupta, Board Member, Hemas Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd (Moderator)
Nitendra Rajput
, SVP & Head – AI, Garage Mastercard
Shakti Goel, Chief Architect and Data Scientist, Yatra Online Ltd.
Kavita Viswanath, Vice President & General Manager, JFrog, APAC

Networking & Exhibition Break

Fireside Chat: Two-Way Street - Addressing Risks in the Age of AI: A CIO/CRO Debate

CIOs may not be equipped to handle this responsibility alone and need to join forces with CROs to navigate this new threat landscape. This fireside chat will cover the importance of recognizing that securing the future of AI is a two-way street for CIOs and CROs, paved with collaboration, vigilance and a shared commitment to building cyber resilience. Only then can we ensure that AI becomes a force for good, propelling us forward without compromising safety and security.

This session will cover:

  • The opportunities and risks of AI adoption and integration;
  • The need for collaboration and shared responsibility between CIOs and CROs;
  • The importance of fostering a culture of cyber resilience.

Shailendra Kothavale, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance
Himanshu Sharma, Head of ICDC, GMR Group
Sharad Kumar Agarwal, CDIO, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

Ganesh Narasimhadevara

Principal Solutions Engineer, Okta

Fostering Innovation in the Digital Era With Secure Identity

Secure and streamlined access to technology is pivotal to successful digital transformation within organizations. While ensuring seamless access to information among the stakeholders is essential, it should not compromise the security of digital ecosystems.

Identity and access management (IAM) plays a crucial role in streamlining access controls and authentication processes, helping organizations enhance security, efficiencies and compliance – key to adapting the fast-paced digital landscape. It also empowers organizations to embrace innovation and pursue new ideas while striking the right balance of security and usability.

Transcending beyond its conventional role as the security gatekeeper, IAM is a driver of innovation and growth and can help unlock organizations’ potential to grow.

Discussion Points:

  • Balancing streamlined access to resources while safeguarding the digital ecosystem;
  • Transcending beyond IAM’s conventional role as security gatekeeper;
  • Role of IAM in streamlining access controls to boost efficiencies and regulatory compliance;
  • Facilitating a secure environment to embrace innovation;
  • IAM’s role as a catalyst for business growth.

Ganesh Narasimhadevara, Principal Solutions Engineer, Okta

Panel: Reskilling to Counter Challenges in Adopting Frontier Tech

Atul Govil (Moderator), Chief Transformation Officer & Head (SAP & IT) – Corporate,  India Glycols Ltd.
Sunil Pandey, SVP & CIO, HFCL Limited
Sumit Bhatia, Director of Information Technology, InsuranceDekho
Dr. Neena Pahuja, Executive Member, National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET under MSDE)
Rishikesh Patankar, Vice President, National Skill Development Corporation.

Lunch & Exhibition Break

Fireside Chat: Aligning AI Innovation With Technology Vision: Is the CIO and the Board on the Same Track?

They crave the cutting edge – AI, automation, cloud-first strategies – yet remain grounded in the realities of risk, cost and operational stability. This session delves into the critical balancing act CIOs are expected to perform: fueling innovation without jeopardizing the core business 

The session will cover: 

  • The importance of balancing innovation and security; 
  • Closing the expectation-implementation gap; 
  • Metrics and frameworks to achieve board trust. 


Nikhil Doegar, Senior Vice President, Tata 1mg
Amrita Gangotra, Managing Director – ITyukt Digital Solutions, Independent Board Director – Max Health Care
Vijay Sethi, Chairman, MentorKart and Crafsol Technologies

Rajesh Kumar

Technology Head, Enterprise and Government, India & SAARC, Juniper Networks.

Experience First With AI-Native Networking Platform

 Network experiences should be consistent, uninterrupted and adaptable to our needs; however, they frequently fail to meet these expectations. When you shift the focus from mere connectivity metrics to the holistic experience of end-to-end connection, everything changes. An experience-first network transforms everything. And this can be seamlessly delivered through a secure AI-Native Networking Platform.

The session will cover

how organizations can transform next-gen campuses and branches, modernize data centers, and scale automated WANs by leveraging the right data, real-time response, and secure infrastructure across the network.


Rajesh Kumar, Technology Head, Enterprise and Government, India & SAARC, Juniper Networks.

Panel: Mastering the Digital Wave: Crafting Adaptable and Resilient Data Strategies for Business Success

Considering the dynamics of digital-driven models, the shifting customer preferences and the need for rapid innovation, businesses demand an adaptable, resilient and forward-thinking data strategy. This encompasses data collection and storage, advanced analytics, and AI integration – all supported by robust governance and privacy measures. To meet the ever-changing business landscape, data strategies must prioritize scalability and agility. The session will delve into the essential principles of building such adaptable and resilient data strategies

This session will cover:

  • Factors driving data scalability and agility;
  • Aligning data management with evolving business models and market dynamics;
  • Transforming data into actionable insights for strategic decision-making and monetization;
  • Essential practices for robust governance to build data resilience.

Suresh M Khadakbhavi, CEO, Digi Yatra Foundation
Viloo Williams, Group CIO Ruby Hall Clinic Hospitals
Piyush Srivastav, Head of IT, Muthoot Group


Fireside Chat: How AI Will Change the Organizational Structure and CIO’s Place in It

However, this brings a new set of challenges, including the need for the foundational technology architecture to harness AI to its optimum level. This may require a large-scale data and compute modernization plan to leverage AI-driven transformations. Are CIOs and data officers feeling the pressure to create a modern data and information architecture? How are organizations successfully making the foundational shift necessary to drive AI innovations? This fireside chat will focus on the key aspects of a CIO’s role in adapting to these shifts and enabling the necessary changes. 


The session will cover:  

  • Assessing legacy infrastructure for optimal use of AI; 
  • New dimensions of foundational architecture; 
  • Issues related to talent and skills to support AI-driven innovation. 


Rajnish Virmani, Managing Partner – India, Positive Momentum Limited
Irshad Saifi, Director IT and Digitization (CDIO), Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

Arun Gupta

Board Member, Hemas Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

Amrita Gangotra

MD - ITyukt Digital Solutions, Independent Board Director, Max Health, Tanla

Vijay Sethi

Chairman, MentorKart and Crafsol

Strategic Insights - Designing an AI Strategy Blueprint for CIOs

The session will cover:

  • Actionable insights for navigating AI adoption complexities;
  • Practical strategies for leading successful AI implementation;
  • The crucial intersection of technology, people and processes for successful AI implementation.

Arun Gupta, Board Member, Hemas Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd
Amrita Gangotra, MD – ITyukt Digital Solutions, Independent Board Director, Max Health, Tanla.
Vijay Sethi, Chairman, MentorKart and Crafsol.

Networking & Tea Break

Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Vinay Thakur, MD, National Informatics Centre Services Inc (NICSI). Ministry of Electronics and IT . Govt of India

Dr. Vinay Thakur is a seasoned Digital Transformation leader with 28 years of extensive experience in successfully implementing IT and e-Governance Projects. His expertise includes the execution of numerous large-scale e-Governance initiatives, encompassing Land Records Computerization, NREGA workflow, Mobile-based Fertilizer Monitoring System, Forest Rights, National Social Assistance Program, PMGSY, NRLM, and PM GatiShakti portal.Dr. Thakur played a pivotal role in the design and implementation of key government initiatives such as the Government e-Market Place (GeM), Digilocker, and Geographic Information System (GIS). Additionally, he has contributed significantly to Awareness and Communication as well as Capacity Building programs within the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. His comprehensive experience showcases his proficiency in steering transformative digital projects and his commitment to advancing e-Governance in diverse domains.


Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

Asset No 02, Gmr Hospitality District, IGI Rd, Aerocity, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

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