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September 10, 2024 Cloud and AI Innovation Summit

The Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru​

Event Overview

Digital transformation and cloud computing have challenged IT and security leaders to build resilient enterprises and accelerate business growth in recent years. With India’s GDP hitting $3.75 trillion in 2023 and aiming for a $1 trillion digital economy by 2026, leadership teams must maximize their potential by establishing a robust cloud platform for innovation. CEOs have consistently prioritized leveraging technology to drive growth, speed time to market, innovate and transform Indian businesses. IT leaders face the challenge of articulating a clear vision for cloud-dependent businesses and evaluating all cloud-related considerations, including platform, security, technology and economic issues.

Some of the discussion topics include generative AI models in the cloud, cloud security in the 5G era, cloud computing, cloud interoperability and cyber insurance. Join us to gain insights on how leaders are spearheading excellence across technology implementations, crafting unique user experiences to drive innovative, secure and insightful business growth. You can also earn your CPE credits by attending the summit. 

Agenda Highlights

  • Metaverse: Will Cloud Computing Serve as the Bedrock for Innovations
  • Cloud and Compliance: Complying with Regulatory Frameworks
  • 5G and Cloud: Addressing Security Concerns without Compromising Performance
  • Decoding Cloud FinOps to Get Most from Cloud Investments
  • Cloud Security and Privacy Considerations: Where Does the Buck Stop?

Arvind Sivaramakrishnan

CIO, Karkinos Healthcare

Cdr. Praveen Kumar

CISO, Zee Entertainment

Dr. Neena Pahuja

Executive Member, National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET under MSDE)

Rajeev Batra

CIO, Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group)

Sharad Kumar Agarwal

CDIO, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.

Sourabh Tiwari

Global Chief Digital and Information Officer, Forbes Marshall

Amitabh Nag

Chief Executive Officer, Digital India Bhashini Division (Bhashini)

Pooja Bansal

Director - Information Security, Fareportal

Cdr Sanjeev Singh

Chief Information Security Officer & Data Protection Officer, BirlaSoft

Pradeep Rangi

CRO, Airtel Payments Bank

Abhishek Bansal

Head Non Financial Risk & CISO, Max Life Insurance Company Ltd

Lily Prasad

CTO, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

Kaustubh Dabral

Global CIO, Dabur India Ltd

Vinod Bhat

Chief Information Officer (CIO) & Chief Ethics Counsellor (CEC), Vistara - TATA SIA Airlines Ltd.

Rajesh Garg

Senior Director Finance & CFO, Stryker India

Vijay Sethi

Chairman, MentorKart and Crafsol Technologies

Ankit Kumar

Founder & CEO, Skye Air

Capt Felix Mohan

Co-founder & CEO, CISOCybersecurity and Former Global CISO Airtel

Nikhil Goel

Vice President & Group Head – IT & Projects, Max Healthcare

Jai Prakash Dwivedi

Chief Information Officer, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre


Thought Leaders on Stage and Leading Deep Dive Discussions

ISMG Summits bring the foremost thought leaders and educators in the security space to the stage, interactive workshops and networking events. Learn from the “who’s who” in Cybersecurity passionate about the latest tools and technology to defend against threats 


Thought Leaders on Stage and Leading Deep Dive Discussions

ISMG Summits bring the foremost thought leaders and educators in the security space to the stage, interactive workshops and networking events. Learn from the “who’s who” in Cybersecurity passionate about the latest tools and technology to defend against threats 

Arvind Sivaramakrishnan (Conference Chair)

Chief Information Officer, Karkinos Healthcare

Saurabh Chandra (Conference co-chair)

Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Hilal Ahmad Lone

CISO, Razorpay

Anand Kumar Sinha

CIO & Global Head IT, Birlasoft

Anjani Kumar

Chief Digital & Information Officer , Tata AIG General Insurance

Devender Vannela

Head of Cloud, WSAudiology


Registration & Breakfast

Speaker Name

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Plenary: From Start-up to Unicorn: A Cloud-Driven Business Model

By embracing cloud computing, start-ups can leverage its infrastructure, scalability, cost efficiency, innovation, collaboration, and security features that accelerate growth and help in achieving unicorn status. Cloud provides a level-playing field, and empower start-ups to compete and succeed.

Speaker Name

Desg, Org

Cloud Leadership: Tapping the Forces of Change for Business Acceleration

By embracing the power of the cloud, organizations can accelerate business growth, enhance agility, and stay ahead in an increasingly digital landscape. Effective cloud leaders understand the potential of cloud technology, drive strategic initiatives, and empower their organizations to tap into the transformative capabilities offered by the cloud.

The session will explore the concept of cloud leadership and highlights the key factors that enable organizations to leverage cloud computing for competitive advantage.

Speaker name

Hybrid Cloud: How Do Business Leaders Weigh in on the Future?

Are business leaders increasingly seeing the value of hybrid cloud, and are using it to improve their IT infrastructure and support their business goals? Will hybrid cloud infrastructure be better equipped to meet their future infrastructure demands? Does hybrid cloud facilitate innovation and faster go-to-market times? These are important questions to be answered before deciding to place bets.

Speaker Name

Desg, Org

Building an AI-First Organization: Realistic or Hype?

But how realistic is the concept of an AI-first organization where AI is at the core of strategy, operations, and culture? The session will look into the practical challenges in effectively integrating AI into the core of their business operations and culture, ensuring it drives measurable value and innovation, and how to address those challenges. 

Key Discussion Points: 

  • Is ‘AI-first’ organization a realistic and practical approach or simply overhyped; 
  • Challenges around building an ‘AI-First’ organization; 
  • Key aspects of building an AI-first organization and integrating AI across all facets of an organization; 
  • Cultivating an AI-driven culture. 

Speaker Name

Desg, Org

Small Language Models Vs. Large Language Models: What’s the Preferred Way?

Small AI models, designed for specific tasks, offer efficiency and lower computational demands. On the other hand, large language models, like OpenAI’s GPT series, provide versatility and advanced capabilities across diverse applications. This discussion aims to explore the advantages and challenges of both approaches to help decision-makers determine the most suitable option for their unique requirements. 

Key Discussion Points: 

  • A comparative analysis of SLMs and LLMs;  
  • Resource demands vs. performance and accuracy in SLMs and LLMs; 
  • Evaluating the use cases fit for SLMs and LLMs – what works when; 
  • Evaluation of adaptability to future tech advancements in both models.

Speaker name

Desg, Org

How Will AI Impact the Overall Tech Org and CIO’s Role?

Businesses are increasingly considering the creation of a Chief AI Officer (CAIO) role to oversee AI initiatives. This session will explore the future landscape for CIOs as organizations mature in their AI capabilities. Key questions include how CIOs can transcend their traditional responsibilities of maintaining and managing AI systems and vendors, and how they will adapt to coexist with the emerging CAIO role. This dynamic shift raises crucial questions about the distribution of responsibilities and the collaborative potential between CIOs and CAIOs. 

Key Discussion Points: 

  • Impact of AI adoption on the tech org and CIO’s role; 
  • Future landscape for CIOs in a mature AI environment; 
  • The emergence of CAIO role and shift in dynamics of the CIO role. 

Nikhil Goel

Vice President & Group Head – IT & Projects, Max Healthcare

Readying the Underlying Technology Infrastructure for Gen AI Adoption

For the success of Gen AI adoption, organizations must ensure that their IT infrastructure can support AI initiatives, including data management systems, computing power, and integration capabilities. 

The session will delve into the foundational elements required to build and maintain an AI infrastructure that can scale effectively with increasing data volumes, computational demands, and evolving business needs. It will cover the best practices for integrating scalable computing resources, data management systems, and robust architecture frameworks to ensure long-term AI success. 

Key Discussion Points: 

  • Assessing the current AI infrastructure for implementing and scaling generative AI; 
  • Building a robust data architecture, including data storage, processing, and real-time analytics; 
  • Role of cloud to address the compute resources to support gen AI workloads; 
  • Advanced security and compliance measures to protect sensitive data and AI models; 
  • Addressing technology integration and change management issues. 

Speaker name

Designation, Company

Articulating AI Value to the Board

Despite AI’s proven value, particularly in the realm of Generative AI, effectively communicating its benefits to the board remains challenging. This difficulty often begins even before AI implementation with the upselling of its potential value. Setting realistic expectations and selecting metrics and KPIs that align with business goals are crucial for accurately measuring AI performance and impact. This session will address the critical aspects of evaluating AI initiatives and articulating their value to the board, ensuring clear and compelling communication. 

Key Discussion Points: 

  • Establishing clear and achievable expectations; 
  • Quantifying AI benefits and costs; 
  • Identifying metrics and KPIs to evaluate success of AI projects; 
  • Importance of continuous improvement and optimization; 
  • Best practices for articulating the value and RoI of AI initiatives to the board. 

Speaker Name

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Panel Discussion: Minimizing Risks With Cyber Liability Insurance: A Balanced Approach to Securing Cloud Data

A single enterprise can have multiple cloud relationships which results into uncertainty on who is responsible if something fails including a breach. There are many misconceptions around the cloud and liability of risks. Organizations often assume that risk is transferred to the third party when data resides in cloud. The reality is that in most cases, you have only outsourced infrastructure services but not the risks. And therefore CIOs and technology leaders have to look at cyber liability insurance.

Seeking out a comprehensive cyber insurance will provide an advantage of being covered for third-party liability costs related to a breach. But that is also not enough. Even the CSP shall have cyber coverage to help fund the damages.

Speaker Name

Desg, Org

Economics of Cloud: Optimizing Spend By Avoiding Ignorance

For decades, the traditional IT models have been based on ‘owning IT’ rather than ‘consuming IT’. As a result, most enterprises develop business cases and also negotiate contracts that don’t take into account the differential approach specific to cloud. The result: overspending or rising cost of cloud adoption. This raises questions on deriving value from cloud investments which often fell short of expectations and sometimes also resulting into reverse migration to on-prem. The session will focus on cloud economics and optimizing investments. Also, how to avoid the classic mistakes like undefined cloud roadmap, miscalculated cloud forecasts, undefined business case etc.

In this session we will discuss: –

  • Understanding cloud cost factors
  • Practical cost-optimization strategies
  • Importance of visibility and monitoring
  • Importance of cloud governance

Speaker Name

Desg, Org

Decoding Cloud FinOps to get most from Cloud Investments

This means you can prevent falling into the trap of overspending and rising costs. An indirect yet important outcome of this is accelerating digital transformation beyond just cost savings. The session will cover:

  • An overview of FinOps
  • Making FinOps a part of cloud adoption strategy
  • Steps involved in establishing a FinOps culture
  • Challenges of adopting FinOps

Speaker Name

Desg, Org

CIO and Stakeholder Partnership for AI Success

The session will delve into the critical role of effective collaboration with stakeholders such as the CEO, CFO, CDO, and department heads and how it can help leverage diverse expertise and better align AI strategies with the business objectives. The session will cover the importance of fostering cross-functional partnerships, securing stakeholder buy-in, and ensuring cohesive execution of AI initiatives. 

Key Discussion Points:

  • Role of strategic collaboration with internal stakeholders in driving success of AI projects; 
  • Strategies for securing stakeholder buy-in and support; 
  • How CIOs can leverage CXO partnerships for diverse expertise; 
  • Building consensus on a common AI vision and goals. 

Networking Break


Aligning Cloud Strategy with AI Adoption: Are CIOs Cashing on the Opportunity?

Various cloud computing models have played a vital role in shaping the use of AI use-cases for the real world. Moreover, edge computing, which extends the cloud capabilities to on premise with low latency will further help in developing more practical use cases. More recently, the large language models (LLMs) have made to the headlines and the fundamental layer to build those is cloud computing. The session should discuss how CIOs are tweaking their cloud computing framework to accelerate the practical application of new AI technologies, including generative AI. In this session we will discuss:  

  • The growing influence of AI and enterprise response 
  • Need for augmenting cloud infrastructure for optimal performance 
  • Challenges in aligning AI and cloud strategies 

Speaker Name

Desg, Org

Cloud Security and Privacy Considerations: Where Does the Buck Stop?

Without clearly stated guidelines it could be very difficult to clearly understand and define the responsibilities of customers and CSPs and the obvious fallout is compromised security and privacy of data and applications. In addition to the shared responsibility model, there are a number of other factors that can affect security and privacy in a cloud environment. These factors include the type of cloud service, the location of the cloud data, and the compliance requirements of the organization. So who is responsible for what in the cloud? How can shared responsibility model be navigated? What is the role of data sovereignty and data localization? What is the role of a CIO and CISO in navigating the risks? The session can seeks answers from practitioners on the right ways of ensuring security and privacy in the cloud environments. In this session we will discuss: –

  • Challenges in understanding shared responsibility model
  • Role of CSP and customer in defining the strategy
  • Compliance and regulatory considerations
  • Incidence response and CSP’s responsibilities

Closing Remarks & Cocktail Reception


The Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru

99, Residency Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

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