April 16, 2024

Cybersecurity Implications of AI Summit: North America West

9:00 AM PT - 5:00 PM PT

Event Overview

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Meydenbauer Center

11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004

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Highlight Topics

  • Enhancing Your Security Posture
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Cyber Governance
  • 5G Network Security and Business Opportunities
  • Zero Trust

David Tsao

CISO, Instacart

Erika Voss

Vice President, Information Security, DAT Freight & Analytics

Eric Sanchez

CISO, Kyowa Kirin Pharmaceutical

Jon Washburn

CISO, Stoel Rives

Jerry Cochran

Deputy CIO, Pacific Northwest National Labratory

Troy Leach

Chief Strategy Officer, Cloud Security Alliance

William MacMillan

Chief Product Officer, Early Stage Incubation, Red Cell Partners

Sean Murphy

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, BECU

Suha Can

CISO, Grammarly

Nicole Darden Ford

CISO, Nordstrom

Adam Zoller

CISO, Providence

Ginger Armbruster

Chief Privacy Officer and IT Division Director, City of Seattle


Thought Leaders on Stage and Leading Deep Dive Discussions

ISMG Summits bring the foremost thought leaders and educators in the security space to the stage, interactive workshops and networking events. Learn from the “who’s who” in Cybersecurity passionate about the latest tools and technology to defend against threats 

Sample Agenda

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Registration & Breakfast

North American West Summit

AI Ethics in Action: Balancing Fraud Prevention with Privacy Rights

We will also tackle the potential for inherent biases within AI algorithms and their impact on fairness and equity. The discussion aims to provide CISOs with a framework for ethical AI deployment that upholds the integrity of their fraud prevention efforts.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Privacy vs. Prevention: Finding the balance between aggressive fraud detection and the safeguarding of personal data.
  • Bias in AI: Identifying and mitigating inherent biases in AI algorithms to ensure equitable fraud prevention practices.
  • Ethical AI Frameworks: Developing and implementing guidelines for ethical AI use in cybersecurity operations.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Ensuring AI systems in fraud detection are transparent and their decision-making processes are accountable.

North American West Summit

AI Integration and Risk Management: Setting Security Standards for LLMs

This session will explore the security applications of these technologies while advocating for data security vigilance. Attention will be given to critical areas prone to risks, alongside actionable strategies to reduce such vulnerabilities.

Key areas of focus will include:

  • The implications for privacy, compliance, and intellectual property that arise from the inputs to and outputs from these tools.
  • The necessary scope of internal policies, procurement measures, and educational programs required for secure and effective utilization of these technologies.
  • The effectiveness of data classification and role management strategies, as opposed to reliance on Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls for moderating AI model prompts.
  • An examination of typical issues with these technologies, such as generating inaccurate information, vulnerabilities to prompt manipulation, and maintaining code integrity.
  • A delineation of security scenarios where these tools can be an asset to teams while also safeguarding against unwarranted risks.

North American West Summit

Harnessing the Human Factor of AI: Strengthening Cybersecurity through Human-AI Collaboration

As CISO’s, understanding and effectively leveraging the human factor of AI is critical for a robust cybersecurity frameworks that address the complex challenges of today’s threat landscape.

This session is tailored to equip CISOs with insights into the dynamic interplay between human expertise and AI technologies in the context of cybersecurity. It will explore how the synergy between human intelligence and AI can bolster the organization’s defenses, enhance incident response and create a more resilient cybersecurity posture.

Key themes to be covered during the session include:

  • Augmented Intelligence: Understanding the concept of augmented intelligence, where AI systems amplify human capabilities rather than replacing them
  • AI-Powered Threat Detection: Delving into the power of AI in threat detection and analysis, alongside the critical role of human cybersecurity professionals in validating AI-generated insights, detecting false positives and identifying novel threats.
  • AI for Insider Threat Mitigation: Examining how AI can be used to identify potential insider threats based on behavioral patterns, while emphasizing the need for human judgment to avoid false accusations and protect individual privacy.
  • AI Training and Skill Development: Strategies for upskilling cybersecurity teams to effectively collaborate with AI technologies, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adapting to the evolving AI landscape.
  • Combating AI-Driven Attacks: Analyzing the rise of AI-driven cyberattacks and how human intelligence can be harnessed to anticipate, respond to and mitigate sophisticated AI-enabled threats.

Networking & Exhibition Break

U.S Secret Service

U.S Secret Service

Deep Fakes, Real Stakes: Unmasking Cyber Deception in a High-Stakes Tabletop Simulation

What You Will Gain From This Experience

  • Enhanced Organizational Readiness: To critically assess and improve organizational preparedness in responding to intricate cyber incidents involving deep fake technology and social engineering.
  • Interagency Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange: To strengthen the partnership and information sharing between the Secret Service and leaders in the private sector cybersecurity community.
  • Strategic Response Development: To create all-encompassing incident response strategies that cover legal, technical, and communicational facets, while also identifying and rectifying weaknesses in existing cybersecurity policies and governance.

Lunch & Exhibition

North American West Summit

Navigating the Technical Landscape of AI: Empowering CISOs for Secure Implementation

These transformative technologies hold great potential for enhancing efficiency, automation and decision-making processes. But with the tremendous benefits they offer, AI and ML also bring about unique challenges and risks that demand the attention of chief information security officers.

This session is designed specifically for CISOs seeking to fortify their understanding of AI technologies and their implications on cybersecurity. Key topics covered during the session will include:

  • Fundamentals of AI and ML: Understanding the core principles and algorithms behind AI and ML technologies, which enable CISOs to grasp the underlying mechanics behind AI-driven applications.
  • AI in Cybersecurity: Exploring the current landscape of AI applications in the realm of cybersecurity, including threat detection, anomaly identification and risk assessment, along with insights into the potential for AI-driven attacks.


  • Adversarial AI and Mitigation Strategies: Analyzing the concept of adversarial AI, its potential to subvert AI systems, and best practices for safeguarding AI algorithms from malicious attacks.
  • Explainable AI: Unraveling the black box nature of AI algorithms and methods to enhance transparency and interpretability, which are essential for building trust and gaining organizational buy-in.
  • AI Governance and Risk Management: Highlighting the significance of comprehensive AI governance frameworks and risk management strategies to mitigate potential AI-related risks effectively.
  • Collaborating With AI Teams: Strategies for fostering collaboration between CISOs and AI development teams, which facilitates a cohesive approach to security in AI projects.

North American West Summit

Fireside Chat: CIO and CISO: Collaborate to Defend

As organizations undergo more digital transformation, there is a greater focus on digitalizing processes and improving customer experiences. Consequently, the roles of CIOs and CISOs are evolving to new archetypes such as business enabler, digital enabler and value enabler.  

Partnerships with the CIO and other business heads are imperative to drive business goals. The CIO and CISO are now partners in a mission to drive business enablement and to defend the organization from threats.

In this fireside chat, the participants will discuss:  

  • Evolving roles and business-facing responsibilities;  

  • Supporting other business heads;  

  • Cybersecurity – from a cost center to business enabler.

North American West Summit

Intelligence Amplified: Data Science's Role in Cyber Threat Forecasting

In this exclusive session our panel will not just touch on the fundamentals; it’s a deep dive into the duel significance of leveraging data science to not only fortify security postures but also to proactively enhance organizational readiness. Key areas of discussion will include:

  • Predictive Analytics for Security Posture: Unveiling effective methods to harness predictive analytics and thoroughly assess existing security posture.
  • Data Science in Threat Intelligence: Delving into how data science can process vast amounts of cyber threat intelligence to predict and prevent attacks.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Pattern Recognition: An in-depth examination of how machine learning algorithms can assimilate knowledge from past security incidents to identify patterns and prevent future breaches.
  • Collaborative Data Initiatives: An exploration of the significance of data sharing across organizational boundaries, emphasizing the collective strength derived from collaborative defense efforts.
  • Role of Education in Cybersecurity: Shining a light on the indispensable role of education in building, upskilling and retaining adaptive, vigilant teams.

Networking & Exhibition Break

North American West Summit

Personal Liability in Cyber- What CISOs need to Know to Mitigate Risk

How confident are you in determining the right roles, processes, policies, standards, and metrics to guarantee the efficient and effective use of information for your organization to reach its goals?

Join this session to learn how to build a comprehensive data governance valuation program – regardless of whether your organization has a data governance officer or not:

  • Misconceptions about data governance;
  • Best practices to build a data governance valuation program;
  • Why communication is key to ensure efficient and effective use of information.

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